We develop multifunctional and adaptable solutions for man and machine that deliver cost and environmental benefits to the maritime, oil & gas, and renewable energy industries, efficiently.

The world’s first fully automated hull cleaning, inspection and intervention robot that works harder for longer, saving you time and money.

Who We Are

We are inspired to develop solutions that perform in a symbiotic manner; the harmony of technology, man and machine delivering solutions that perform better and more efficiently.

At SymbyTech, we’re underpinned by a strong belief in delivering products and solutions that are practical, economical and offer world-class environmental benefits. Our investment in research and development provides answers to your maritime needs that require less capital outlay and improve your speed to market.

Our flagship drone, Argonót, can be scaled, made fit-for-purpose and rapidly deployed.

Our founder, Grant du Toit, has over more than a decade of hands-on experience in the oil and gas, subsea mineral research and renewable energy industries. Running and maintaining remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operations Grant has sought to develop solutions for the industry he loves that deliver more efficiently and cost-effectively and care for the environment. Grant is a certified electronics engineer. Merging these passions in a symbiotic way has led to the SymbyTech we stand for today.

Our passionate team of engineers, programmers and designers have been hard at work developing multifunctional industrial robotic devices. These devices carry out numerous tasks that used to require large teams of personnel and costly equipment.

Why SymbyTech

We will never shy away from a challenge. While we focus on maritime, oil & gas and renewable energy, the technology that we have developed at SymbyTech can benefit a significant number of purposes and industries outside of the water. We want to help and solve your challenges so please reach out to us to see how we can develop a solution for you that considers your people, technology and the environment.

The Symbytech drone is a testament to our principles and vision. It’s symbiosis in action.

For Man and Machine

The Symbytech drone is a true marvel. It’s driverless and can be controlled remotely through the cloud or via a control room.  This improves safety and lowers risk while smart technology delivers greater consistency and quality of work. Together this virtually eliminates hull and hull coating damage and bio-fouling typically associated with maintenance, inspection and cleaning operations.

And it works hard.   

The Symbytech drone offers vastly improved operation times and works above and below waterlines seamlessly delivering far superior operational cost savings.

We aim to drive the industry forward with smart technology and passionate people who will carve new roles for themselves.


All of our solutions focus on dierless methodologies and equipment and are remote capable with real-time streaming.

Imagine what we can do for you?